Blickensderfer Electric Typewriter Feature

Blickensderfer’s Electric Typewriter Logo (1902)

The first electric typerwriter, and a key machine in the development of the typewheel, the logo for Blickensderfer’s Electric Typewriter of 1902 is a graphic which captures the ideas around energy and electricity at the turn of the century, with its bolts of lightening erupting out of the typography, as well as the ideas around this relatively new writing technology, floating down from the skies. Heavenly sent from another world, it is not a passive technology but rather an electrifiying one in its very newness.

For more information on the machine, see the Virtual Typewriter Museum’s Blickensderfer Electric exhibit.

Source: Hagley Museum and Library Archive, Records of Sperry Rand Corporation. Remington Rand Division: 1830-1975 (bulk 1920-1955). [A full record of the Remington Rand Archive can be found here.]

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